About Quadriga

Forward. Thinking.

Quadriga, the leading global provider of guest-facing technology solutions for the hospitality industry, provides a single point of contact for all fixed and mobile guest connectivity, communication and entertainment requirements. With offices in the USA, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia, Quadriga integrates TV and mobile communications platforms, Internet, network and multimedia solutions, delivering operational efficiencies and new revenue opportunities, enabling customers to better
compete in an interactive, interconnected and globally accessible world.   

Quadriga has more than 30 years experience serving the hospitality sector, supporting more than 300,000 guest rooms and is the number 1 in Europe and the number 2 globally. The company has unrivalled expertise and more than 10 years experience in managing hotel networks, Internet provision and digital IP systems, with more than 120,000 Internet rooms .

Through an ever-growing portfolio of products, services and content, proprietary to Quadriga or via ‘best-in-class' partners, Quadriga provides customers with the flexibility and reassurance that they can obtain a complete and relevant technology solution that meets their business revenue, guest satisfaction and operational efficiency targets, all from a single, global partner.  Quadriga's range of TV and mobile communications platforms, easy-to-use guest Internet solutions, network management, consultancy and delivery services and multimedia content means it can work with its customers to converge today's disparate technologies to create a technology ecosystem that delivers unequalled guest service and hotel operational efficiency.

As the hospitality sector expands globally, Quadriga's global footprint extends across Europe, the Americas, the Middle East and Asia. This is being achieved through a combination of Quadriga's own operations and a distribution model into selected countries and territories.

The company will continue to leverage its capabilities, its partnerships and deep knowledge of the hospitality sector to create solutions that harness the latest technologies and meet ever evolving customer needs and guest expectations.


1928 Jules Thorn established the Electric Lamp
1938 Thorn rental business branded DER
1968 Thorn merges Radio Rentals with DER, now world's largest TV rental company
1979 Thorn acquired EMI Ltd - company becomes Thorn EMI
1992 Thorn transforms European Pay-TV with Guestlink breakthrough
1995 Thorn Business to Business (BTB) - separate Strategic Business Unit in Thorn plc
1996 Thorn EMI de-merged
1998 Thorn plc acquired by Nomura's Principal Finance Group. Quadriga brand launch
1999 Quadriga fully segregated from Thorn
2001 Quadriga launches Genesis - the world's first fully digital IP in-room system
2002 Quadriga ownership transferred to Terra Firma Capital Partners 1LLP
2003 Quadriga introduces Network Monitor
2004 Quadriga launches Movies 24 Interactive
2005 Quadriga launches Genesis on any Network for coax, Cat5 and Cat6
2006 Quadriga launches Genesis with Digital TV and new sales and marketing capability
2006 Over 100,000 fully digital Genesis rooms installed
2007 Quadriga ownership transferred to a privately owned blue chip financial investor
2008 Quadriga launches Internet World including Tiered Bandwidth Services, Entertainment World, and new Branding & Promotional capabilities
2009 Quadriga launches Sensiq – Creating unique guest communications portals for hotels
2009 Over 210,000 fully digital Genesis rooms installed
2010 Quadriga – the single answer for guest communications for the hotel industry
2011 Quadriga acquires SmoovieTV
2011 Quadriga expands into the America acquiring NxSystems, LLC to form NXTV Quadriga
2011 Quadriga launches entry-level solution – Sensiq Edition
2012 Quadriga enters India and installs first Sensiq hotel
2012 Quadriga launches new mobile communications platforms – QValet, QMenu, QDelegate
2012 Quadriga launches Personal Media Network
2012 Quadriga launches LobbyFriend
2013 Quadriga's PMN app announced as Winner HTNG Most Innovative Technology 2012

Quick Facts
  • Trusted by hotels for more than 30 years
  • 300,000 rooms
  • More than 230,000 digital rooms
  • 120,000 Internet rooms
  • More than 30,000 IPTV guest rooms
  • TV & Mobile platforms
  • Internet solutions
  • Network consultancy and delivery
  • Multimedia content
  • Working in more than 50 countries