Quadriga’s Personal Media Network™ wins HTNG’s Most Innovative Technology Award 2012 - 04-03-2013

Quadriga’s Personal Media Network™ mobile application has been awarded HTNG’s ‘Most Innovative Technology Award 2012’ at this year’s HTNG North American conference in Atlanta, GA. Quadriga, the hospitality industry’s leading integrator of network applications and in-room entertainment systems, with offices in the USA, Europe and Asia, introduced its Personal Media Network™ (PMN™) solution at Hitec 2012 in Baltimore, MD, USA.

This prestigious award by HTNG, the global trade association dedicated to enhancing the deployment of technology in hotels, is a major achievement for Quadriga since voting was conducted by leading hospitality executives and industry technologists.

According to Quadriga’s CEO, Roger Taylor, “We are delighted that PMN™ has received this award and recognition by HTNG, the leading technology voice of the global hotel community. We have had an over-whelming response and feedback from our hotel customers around the world, and this award is the icing on the cake. We are honoured and fortunate to have won the award given the tremendous accomplishments and entries by so many other leading industry technology providers.”

Quadriga’s PMN™ is revolutionising the in-room entertainment environment. The PMN™ app unifies and synchronises the television with guest mobile devices to create seamless functionality, while connected to the hotel’s WiFi network. The television, phone and pad, and the various forms of content (device stored, STB-based, subscription-based) can be integrated into a single application to create a unified network of entertainment services. This creates a seamless, unified experience, regardless of the device used to access the various forms of content.

With PMN™, guests can access their own personal content or licensed content subscriptions and use their mobile device, once paired to the TV and WiFi network, and stream the content directly to the in-room TV for play. Everything from videos, movies, music and photos, as well as content from social networks like Facebook and Google+ can now be viewed anywhere throughout the hotel WiFi environment on any device.

An Interactive Program Guide anchors the PMN™ free-to-guest television programming category, and resides on the pad and phone as well as the television. Guests have the ability to scan FTG programming options and watch licensed programming on their mobile device anywhere in the hotel WiFi area. Movies on the STB system, if studio approved, can be purchased and played out on the mobile device anywhere in the hotel WiFi environment.

In addition to providing value to the hotel’s HSIA/WiFi service, PMN™ is based on patented technology that optimises the network bandwidth requirements for streaming content within the hotel environment.

“More and more guests are bringing mobile devices with them to the hotel, which is increasing the pressures on hotels to find ways to optimise their networks,” said Anantha Narayanan, Director of Research and Development, and lead developer of the PMN™ application for Quadriga. “Streaming directly to the television from outside sources will generate much more bandwidth needs for the hotel. The PMN™ technology enables us to architect a better network structure for the hotel and optimise the technology for existing services in order to minimise the bandwidth and network requirements. This results in a more efficient network design that is capable of delivering more services, more efficiently.”

Says Taylor, “The fast expansion of the mobile market and portable content presents us with the opportunity to help hoteliers optimise their HSIA and WiFi networks, while providing guests with the services they are demanding, including streaming content to the TV. Quadriga is uniquely qualified to meet that challenge. We are delighted to be able to work with the world’s leading hoteliers to deliver innovative new services to the industry, which create true differentiation and value.”