WiFi Solutions

Flexible Internet Connectivity Solutions

Your guests expect fast, easy and seamless Internet connectivity throughout your property, with a great WiFi experience. This requires hotels to overcome increasingly complex Internet and network challenges, with solutions that are cost-effective and commercially viable.

Quadriga can provide the answer with QConnect - flexible Internet connectivity solutions that can be configured to your specific requirements, for all guest service locations, Wifi or Wired. With seamless roaming between areas and multiple payment options it couldn’t be easier for your guests. What's more, with the latest tiered bandwidth capabilities you can be confident you are cost-effectively managing your available bandwidth and providing a quality and fair service to everyone.

QConnect gives you the opportunity to integrate your hotel TV services and Internet access on a single network, which provides you with an efficient and commercially effective Internet solution. A ‘special offer’ package providing access to all services for a single preferential price also drives additional revenue opportunities.

Solutions can be configured by Quadriga's operations team, with our specialist QNetworks team on hand to further tailor your solution to meet your more complex needs.

This inherent flexibility comes with the robustness and security of industry-standard hardware, and the complete reassurance you get from partnering with the provider of Internet solutions to many of the world’s leading hotels, across 100,000 rooms, globally.

Quick Facts
  • WiFi planning and optimisation
  • WiFi and wired connectivity
  • Integrate with TV services on a single platform 
  • Seamless roaming 
  • Multiple zones supported
  • Tiered bandwidth capabilities 
  • Multiple payment options
  • Optimised for mobile devices
  • More than 10 years Internet experience