Jupiter Hotels upgrades its Quadriga Internet and entertainment system to incorporate high speed WiFi across 2,900 rooms - 28-02-2013

Jupiter Hotels is upgrading its Quadriga Genesis guest Internet and entertainment system to offer a comprehensive guest WiFi solution in all of its 26 UK properties, incorporating 2900 rooms, as part of a major investment in guest technology. The system upgrade also includes a new branded user interface and additional guest services, including News and Weather information and a dynamic Guest Directory.

Jupiter Hotels, formerly part of the Jarvis Hotels group, and now under the Mercure umbrella, are looking to offer tangible guest benefits through investment in new technology. The key requirement was to provide a ‘best-in-class‘ WiFi service, which could seamlessly integrate with the existing hotel technology systems and and network infrastructure.

Sarah Pope, Head of Systems for Jupiter Hotels, comments “Quadriga’s guest Internet and entertainment system Genesis is installed in all of our properties and we are delighted to be upgrading the solution to provide high speed WiFi for our guests. A key benefit with Quadriga’s solution is that we are able to integrate our guest entertainment services with our Internet services over a single network infratructure. This is not only more efficient, it reduces costs and enables us to offer our guests an attractive special-offer price for all services.“

Quadriga’s 10 years experience managing hotel IP networks and provisioning Internet services meant they were well placed to design and configure the optimum WiFi network infrastructure for Jupiter Hotels, to meet their evolving needs and the increasing demands of smart phones, tablets and modern mobile devices and applications. The latest HP networking wireless controllers, access points and network switches are being deployed to produce a 802.11n based wireless infrastructure
with excellent coverage and signal to noise ratios. Featuring the latest tiered bandwidth services, hotels will be able to set pre-defined bandwidth and price options for guests including a ‘free’ option for an initial 24 hour period, capped at 256Kbps as well as a faster, chargeable 2Mbps service.

Sarah Pope continues, “We were looking for a WiFi partner with a strong product roadmap to support the future needs of our properties and their guests, and one who has the appropriate expertise and infrastructure in place to support our network of hotels across the UK. We are very confident that Quadriga has all the right credentials for not only designing and implementing the optimum WiFi network for Jupiter Hotels, but also for its ongoing monitoring and management.“

Jean-Philippe Delouis, Quadriga EMEA’s Area Managing Director for the UK and French regions, says, “I am delighted that Quadriga is able to support Jupiter Hotels in enhancing their guest services through the implementation of a new guest WiFi service. I am also very proud that Quadriga’s Genesis platform continues to meet the Internet and entertainment needs of Jupiter Hotels and their guests today, just as much as when it was first installed several years ago.”