Our hotel partners

Inspiring the confidence of the world’s leading hotels

Quadriga has partnered the world’s leading hotel brands for over 25 years, trusted to deliver communications solutions which respond to their needs and supporting them as their business has expanded and evolved. Delivering scalable products which meet the needs of the small hotel through to the larger several hundred room hotel, our customers include major international chains as well as independent hotels across Europe and the Middle East.

Merja Koski, Next Hotel Rivoli Jardin, Finland, , “Quadriga has enabled us to achieve our business objectives and those of the Next Hotel chain. Sensiq is opening up a new world of valuable communication and revenue opportunities for us, and ensuring that we can provide a competitive guest experience.”

Thomas Maechler, Beau Rivage Hotel, Switzerland,‘By being the first hotel in Switzerland to implement the Sensiq solution, it means we are able to provide guests with something truly unique. I believe that the refurbishment and installation of Sensiq will have a significant impact on guest loyalty and repeat business.’


Taco van der Meer, The Albus, Amsterdam,‘We needed a solution which provided a return on investment and additional revenue generation opportunities. Sensiq offers this capability and much more.

Jon Child, Crowne Plaza, Marlow - "Quadriga’s (internet) technology is contributing towards the drive for repeat business as well as supporting our hotel’s modern and sophisticated brand."