Network Solutions

The hotel network is a complex environment serving guests, the hotel and its many business applications. With this come significant challenges, as well as great potential to achieve operational efficiency, build competitive advantage and meet demanding guest requirements.

Key to this is the right network partner to ensure you have the right skills and resources in place to help you anticipate and meet guest bandwidth expectations, to maintain operational and financial flexibility and to quickly integrate and converge new services or networks. 

Quadriga can support you with a growing range of network management, consultancy and delivery services, created to meet your changing requirements. Built on over 10 years experience in managing hotel networks, strong and established industry partnerships and skilled, expert resources, Quadriga will help you efficiently manage and develop your network for future growth and profitability. 

Services include:

Quick Facts
  • Single global partner 
  • In-depth industry experience 
  • Proven Internet capability 
  • 100,000 Cat5 installed rooms 
  • 130,000 Coax installed rooms 
  • 100,000 internet rooms 
  • Over 45,000 WiFi rooms 
  • Network consultancy 
  • Project management 
  • Delivery solutions