Quadriga previews new Personal Media Network™ at HITEC 2012 - 25-06-2012

Enabling hotels to deliver a unified guest experience across multiple devices via a single application

Quadriga, the leading provider of technology solutions to the global hospitality industry, is today previewing the Personal Media Network™, which leverages Quadriga‟s current solutions based on its established communications platforms and provides an exciting evolution path to its hotel customers. The Personal Media Network™ will revolutionise how guests control and access information and entertainment content, creating new opportunities for the hotel to build guest loyalty and optimise revenue streams.

Enabling hoteliers to deliver a fully unified guest experience across multiple devices – or pieces of glass i.e. the TV, phone, tablet and laptop, the Personal Media Network™ will integrate multiple applications and functions via a single, easy-to-use application. This will support the hotel in developing a 360 degree relationship with guests, before, during and after their stay.

At Hitec 2012 Quadriga is demonstrating the technology which will deliver the Personal Media Network™, based on flexible building blocks which already exist in its established Sensiq TV platform and its QValet mobile platform*. The Personal Media Network™ will evolve to integrate these platforms and provide a breadth of content choice that allows guests to manage their stay and be entertained through the device of their choice anytime, anywhere.

*powered by iRiS Software Systems

The technology being previewed includes access to personal content stored on mobile devices or in the cloud and viewed on the TV. Evolving entertainment content further Quadriga is exploring downloading movies via the TV for play out on personal devices as well as the ability to enjoy pre-recorded TV content on any device. Additionally, the Personal Media Network™ will extend to enable guests to conduct real time hotel purchase transactions e.g. spa, in-room dining and shopping, irrespective of their location or the device, through integration with core hotel applications, which will provide hotels with the opportunity to monetise these new capabilities.

Quadriga is evolving these enabling technologies and also integrating technology from specialist partners in order to enable hotel customers to easily progress to a fully unified Personal Media Network™ in the near future. According to Quadriga‟s CEO Roger Taylor “In developing the Personal Media Network™ we have identified „best in class‟ partners whose specialist technology can integrate with ours to deliver the overall desired solution to meet the changing needs of our hotel customers and their guests.”
He continues “We are delighted to be working with Shodogg, whose revolutionary technology was recognised at this year‟s Consumer Electronics Show with the honour of „Mobile Excellence Award for Best Delivery Platform‟. The Shodogg technology, when combined with Quadriga‟s TV Internet web streaming capability, enables the wireless streaming of content from any web-enabled device including the phone or tablet, to any TV. Importantly, we are building on our established partnership with iRiS Software Systems, the specialist hospitality software applications company to pioneer ways to optimise their mobile platform to deliver a seamless, 360 degree experience for the guest.”

“We are delighted to be in partnership with Quadriga to help deliver the Personal Media Network™ and to extend an exciting and important consumer application to the hotel environment,” said Herb Mitschele CEO of Shodogg. “It is the ultimate personal application that enables guests to make customised choices when it comes to their hotel entertainment options.”

“Guest mobile devices are an important extension of the hotel experience, accessing and controlling content and completing bookings and reservations,” said Jason Jefferys, CEO of iRiS Software Systems. “This is key to Quadriga‟s Personal Media Network™ and a unified guest experience across all devices – and the cornerstone of our partnership.”

Quadriga is already discussing with customers how they will be able to evolve current solutions to deliver a fully unified and integrated Personal Media Network™ to its guests over the coming months.


About Quadriga

Quadriga is the single partner to the global hospitality industry, integrating TV and Mobile communications platforms, Internet, Network and Multi Media solutions to deliver operational efficiencies and new revenue opportunities, enabling customers to better compete in an interactive, interconnected and globally accessible world.

Quadriga has over 30 years experience serving the hospitality sector, supporting 345,000 guest rooms and is the number 1 in Europe and the number 2 globally. The company has unrivalled expertise and over 10 years experience in managing hotel networks, Internet provision and digital IP systems, with over 120,000 Internet rooms.

Through an ever-growing portfolio of products, services and content, proprietary to Quadriga or via 'best-in-class' partners, Quadriga provides customers with the flexibility and reassurance that they can obtain a complete and relevant technology solution that meets their business revenue, guest satisfaction and operational efficiency targets, all from a single, global partner. Quadriga's range of TV and mobile communications platforms, easy-to-use guest Internet solutions, network management, consultancy and delivery services and multimedia content means it can work with its customers to converge today's disparate technologies to create a technology ecosystem that delivers unequalled guest service and hotel operational efficiency.

As the hospitality sector expands globally, Quadriga's global footprint extends across Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, India and key parts of Africa. Plans are also in place to expand into Australasia and South America. This is being achieved through a combination of Quadriga‟s own operations and a distribution model into selected countries and territories.

The company will continue to leverage its capabilities, its partnerships and deep knowledge of the hospitality sector to create solutions that harness the latest technologies and meet ever evolving customer needs and guest expectations.


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