TV services

We recognise that for hotels, the TV in the room is a major capital investment and to complement our core products and provide a single answer to our hotel partners, Quadriga has support experts in place to help you to maintain and get the most from your TV equipment.

TV maintenance

A complete package of installation, setup and maintenance services including:

  • Disposal of old TVs to European regulations
  • Disposal of all packaging to European regulations
  • TV fitting into furniture
  • Fixing and supply of all wall brackets
  • Routine maintenance visits
  • Supply of spare TVs
  • On-site repairs where possible

TV channel management

A range of channel management services to ensure the best for you and for your guests

  • Remote and on-site changing of TV channel line-up and channel retuning¬†
  • Maintenance of master hotel channel plans
  • Remote monitoring and pro-active maintenance of Digital TV installations

Hotel TV network services

Unrivalled expertise and experience in designing, provisioning and installing hotel TV networks, covering:

  • Cat5/6 networks
  • Coaxial networks
  • Wifi and fibre networks
  • Satellite head-ends
  • Terrestrial head-ends
  • In-room cabling