Your temporary, private, hotel social network

LobbyFriend™: the first ever social network platform dedicated to the real-time needs of guests in their immediate location and vicinity.  LobbyFriend™ provides a temporary private social network for hotels, enabling them to stay connected to guests during their stay.  Guests benefit from connecting to a social stream with other guests, exclusive deals, and real-time information on where to go and what to do.

Hotels are able to communicate with guests during their stay via their personal mobile devices, as well as via screens in public areas such as the lobby or bar, delivering a live social stream to engage and attract guests. The platform can also be promoted via the in-room TV.  Hotels are able to monetise the solution by advertising their own services as well as those of third party vendors.

When a guest downloads the LobbyFriend™ app to their personal device, they are able to engage and privately network with other guests and the hotel, to access a relevant social stream of information about what’s happening within their hotel or city location.

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Quick Facts
  • Temporary, private social network for hotels
  • Easy to download app for guests
  • Keeping hotels connected with their guests
  • A live social stream of relevant information
  • Screens in public areas to attract and engage
  • Opportunity to promote hotel and 3rd party services
  • Fast, economical and easy to set up
  • Ability to customise to your brand