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Executive summary

Quadriga is a leading international provider of guest technology managed services that enhances engagement, generates additional revenue, and fuels value for hotels through a continued focus on the global customer experience.

Quadriga is constantly at the forefront of hospitality guest technology with its Sensiq platform and suite of integrated solutions for hoteliers.

Market Reach

Our range, reach and resources keep growing every day as we continue to strive to meet the needs of our customers globally.

Build relationships, not just loyalty

Delight your guests with our game-changing hospitality technology

Whether you're attracting millennial travelers with the latest innovations or keeping business visits comfortable and calming, we have a solution that will entertain, inform and keep your guests connected.

Quadriga Support

Customer Support is at the heart of our business

Our in-house global support centre offers a true managed service to our Quadriga clients. Our team of product experts provides in-depth troubleshooting at all levels of technical escalation for efficient and effective resolution. In addition to exceptional issue resolution, we offer an array of reports to enable your IT staff to proactively analyze and quickly react to what your guests are experiencing with the system.

We provide support in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish

Supported Products

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Level 2+ support for iQx, GuestSmarTV, and Quadriga products

Austria 0810111500
Belgium +3250580163
Denmark +4589882700
Finland +358207589555
France 0810632737
Germany 01805782374
Greece +302111984005
Hungary +36 1 8480627
Italy 800015575
Morocco 0 892 09 01 03
Netherlands 09004448444
Norway +47 21959440
Poland +48123966588
Portugal +351308807303
Spain +34915014484
Sweden +46 850635706
Switzerland 0848805905
UK +441617860700
USA +1 855 613 5991

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